All New Energy & Weight Loss Solution!


You’ve probably been hearing the rumors at the gym or from your friends about a new class of “super diet pills.” You may have heard them referred to as a new version of Fen-Phen, “the ultimate energy pills,” or even “legal speed.” But are the rumors true?


Well, yes and no. Yes, a new type of weight-loss compound has been released on the market that is somewhat similar to the ephedra or Fen-Phen class of diet pills, in that it was specifically designed to offer powerful appetite control, mood elevation, energy, fat burning, and stamina. But no, this new “diet pill” DOES NOT have the same compounds that were contained in Fen-Phen, and it’s 100% ephedra-free.


It’s called BiphedAdrene™, a two-part weight-loss system comprised of a unique “Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional” (the appetite-control, mood-elevation and energy compound), as well as an aggressive thermogenic (the fat burning and stamina part of the package). Distributed by a division of Generix Labs™, BiphedAdrene was formulated around the idea that people didn’t just want something to help them lose weight… they were looking for more.


A spokesperson for Generix Labs tells us, “One of the things we often heard, as we made a study of the weight-loss market, is that people missed the mood-elevation and boost of energy that were ‘side-effects,’ if you will, of the Fen-Phen and ephedra class of diet pills.” So the company’s researchers set out to create just that, and BiphedAdrene was born. According to Generix Labs, “These new non-amphetamine compounds provide not only very substantial weight loss, but also a… mood and energy boost.”


And, judging by BiphedAdrene’s almost instant popularity, that’s exactly what consumers wanted. The product is flying off store shelves — many retailers are selling it so quickly they have a hard time keeping it in stock — and BiphedAdrene seems to be attracting a very diverse crowd. While bodybuilders were responsible for BiphedAdrene’s initial success, the product soon gained a following among college students looking not so much for weight-loss help, but for an energy boost. And — believe it or not — the next group to embrace the BiPhed trend was overstressed, exhausted homemakers who seem to be using it as a powerful “go fast” pill for energy and stamina boosting.


So if you need to lose weight (or just want a little “pick-me-up” to help you get through the day!), BiphedAdrene may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. But remember, its “Complex Phenylethylamine Provisional” compound isn’t for everyone. It was formulated exclusively for the significantly overweight, not those looking to lose five or six “vanity pounds,” and you must be in good overall health to even consider trying it (so check with your doctor first).


If you’re a good candidate for BiphedAdrene you’ll no doubt love the rapid weight loss and energy it provides. But if you’re not lucky enough to be able to take a super-powerful “diet pill” like BiphedAdrene, you’ll just have to stick with good old-fashioned diet and exercise… and the frustration of waiting for the weight to come off.


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